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In the digital age, the challenge that businesses face is ensuring that the magnitude of data that they have access to is accurate, clean, insightful and secure. Through our Information and Credit Services business, we support our client’s credit decisions and mitigate risks with your data, insights and predictions solutions..


A security freeze is designed to prevent credit, loans and services from being approved in your name without your consent, but may also delay or interfere with or prohibit the timely approval of any subsequent requests or application you make regarding new credit, loans or services.


Our mission is to help people around the world access the opportunities that lead to a higher quality of life, by helping organizations optimize their risk-based decisions and enabling consumers to understand and manage their personal information

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CDS provides services on a National basis and is currently servicing clients across all the provinces in South Africa with no boundaries.

We have also been delivering successful services and have been selected by consumers , companies, and government institutions to be the preferred company in assisting with credit resolutions ,garnishes and credit awareness’s and civil cases too. This effectively expands our offering to all over the country.

It is CDS’s belief that through an integrated, real time and innovative process and optimal utilisation of technology, we can service our clients on a daily basis to achieve their goals and targets also put a smile on their face.

To ensure that we offers only the best resolutions to all our clients (as well as paying our success forward as our contribution to an all-inclusive credit industry) we also do meet with other companies to be in par with everything.